Gunner and I went to Millet yesterday to Jim & Pat’s acreage where they raise Brittany Spaniels. I also met up with Terry who also has a Brittany and we all worked with the dogs to stay on point and to not chase the birds. For some reason though, Gunner hid between my legs when the cap gun went off. Not sure why that is – he was around shotguns in the fall and never flinched. And they are certainly louder. Hopefully it’s just a one time thing and nothing that’s going to permanently affect his birding abilities. I also want to get him ready for a trial that’s taking place in the spring. I think he’d have a blast and I know I would too! Speaking of which…. off to take Gunner for a walk. đŸ™‚


I sit here reading about other’s that have started the program. I sit here drinking coffee with half&half and at least a suitable sugar substitute, Splenda. But nonetheless, it’s just past 12:30 pm and I still haven’t had breakfast. I had a late dinner out with friends yesterday and then came home and popped in a movie and snacked on some popcorn… then some avocodo tortilla chips and salsa. Though I haven’t consumed regular soda in a while, I realize I need to make the transition to water if i’m going to be successful at this endeavor. Diet pop and the wonderful ‘Coke Zero’ will have to make rather brief appearances in the future instead of being a daily staple and one of my considered 5 food groups.

 So today… 3 cups of coffee with cream and splenda. I should eat something. I think some eggs – ok… whites. This is going to be like when I used to train and workout… but then I turned into an Ass (yes with a capital A) and I don’t want to do that. I think I was doing a modified Atkins workout and the lack of carbs just isn’t something I should do. Though I know i’m not a diabetic. My bgl is about 5/6. I had thought that at first as ketosis is a diabetics worst nightmare. Anyway… getting carried away on a tangent as usual.

 Going over to our neice’s for her birthday – she’s turning 2 this week. I’ll make sure I drink water and am careful with my intake of ‘snack food’. I should really sign on to the MH site and begin the program. Ya… there’s an idea instead of guessing what I should be doing. I should also be taking Gunner – my Brittany pup – for a good long walk. K… off to do something active….

Well, I finally have my own blog. I was looking at the Men’s Health website and came across a program that I had every intent to begin in the New Year but once again lost track of time with work and such. Anyway, after looking at the site I found this one participant with the handle, ‘No more fat dad’ and he had a blog on wordpress and so I thought it would be a great idea to have a blog and I could track my progress. Not that I think anyone is going to read this – who knows. But at least it’s another tool to ensure a successful lifestyle change – get back to the lifestyle I used to follow so heartedly.

I digress